Why Pulp Products

Making the right environmental choices is something companies and consumers are now very focussed on. All too often though progress in one area seems to come with sacrifice in another. PulpCircle works with our clients’ engineering, packaging and marketing teams to show that pulp molding is the optimal choice in all areas:



    • pulp can be molded to fit any shape
    • pulp packaging is highly versatile across a huge range of product sizes and types
    • the tooling process is very quick and simple







    • pulp molded products and packaging are highly durable
    • they are temperature resistant and;
    • they absorb vibration and impact effectively






  • material inputs are stable – no volatility around resin or corrugate prices
  • tooling is cost effective
  • products are space efficient for shipping and warehousing






  • unique opportunities to make impactful outer packaging
  • packaging is easy to customise with shape, branding and high quality finishing
  • environmental credentials are brand enhancing