We use post consumer recycled corrugate and post consumer waste paper as the main ingredient of our products.


We also work with bamboo pulps and have successfully made 100% bamboo pulp products and blended mixes of recycled corrugate and bamboo pulp. Our bamboo pulp comes from mills which source the bamboo from sustainable plantations. To find out more about the benefits of using bamboo, click here.


We work hard on ensuring our other inputs and processes are as sustainable as possible.




A basic input and abundantly available but nevertheless a resource which most facilities waste. We collect water from our factory roof and store it in tanks until it's required. This may not satisfy 100% of our requirements (although water usage is still low), we feel it is a strong step towards self sufficiency and sustainability.







After pulp has been molded, it has to go through a drying process before it can be pressed into a finished product. Many factories use drying machines fuelled by coal or diesel. When we chose the site for our facility, we opted for more open space for our facility so that we could use outdoor areas for natural drying.


For energy generation we are in the process of installing solar panels on the roof of our facility.

This cannot satisfy the energy requirements for the full pulping and pressing process, but we

aim to be self sufficient for all office activities and lighting.


I guess you could say our General Manager is happy whatever the weather!